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The stories here are not only good reads, but they are also a great starting point for discussion about emotional, moral and social issues. They can be used as a starting point for group discussions,  social studies, or circle time.

This list is updated regularly, so come back soon! We welcome suggestions for our list from practitioners, so feel free to email Nicola with book title, author, and a brief review of any books that you find useful for the development of EQ.

Titch  Pat Hutchins

Titch is the youngest and smallest in his family. His brother Pete and his sister Mary have bigger bikes, kites that fly higher, and instruments that make bigger noises. But when Titch plants a tiny seed, they all find that starting off small is just the first stage of growing.

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You'll Soon Grow into Them, Titch  Pat Hutchins

Titch is sick of having clothes passed down to him, to be told that he'll soon grow into them - until the day he gets his own new clothes, and the chance to cast off his old ones - to the baby.

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The Paperbag Princess Robert Munsch

Princess Elizabeth is beautiful and rich and about to marry Prince Ronald. That is, until a dragon destroys her castle, burns all her clothes and carries off her prince! But Elizabeth's not easily beaten and sets off to get Ronald back. Eventually she succeeds, but Ronald isn't impressed by her appearance, and tells her to come back when she looks like a 'real' princess. A story about bravery, intelligence and perseverance, along with a message about not judging by appearances.

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Where the Wild Things Are  Maurice Sendak

The story of Max, who is so naughty when he wears his wolf suit that he's sent to bed without any supper. In the night, a fantastic world of forests and seas appears in Max's bedroom, and he sails away to the land where the Wild Things are and becomes their king.

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You'll Soon Grow Alex  Andrea Shavik and Russell Ayto

Alex is very small for his age and longs to be taller. He tries everything in order to grow! He eats lots of protein, exercises on his Dad's special stretching machine and goes to bed early every night. But it's Alex's very tall Uncle Danny who shows him how to be happy just the way he is. This hilarious story is illustrated with exuberant and funny pictures, yet has a strong message that it's good to be yourself.

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The Mixed-up Chameleon  Eric Carle

The story of a chameleon who suddenly finds life exciting when it discovers it can change not only its color but its size and shape too, until he becomes so mixed up that he can't even catch a fly. He then realizes that it is better to be himself.

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The Elephant and the Bad Baby  Elfrida Vipont and Raymond Briggs (illustrator)

One day, an elephant offers a baby a ride through the town, and so begins an adventure and a chase. But when the elephant realizes that the baby has forgotten his manners, the chase ends with a bump and tea for everyone.

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Gorilla  Anthony Browne

Hannah's father never seems to have time for her and so she is often left alone and lonely. She loves gorillas and longs for one for her birthday. On the night before her birthday she wakes up to find a parcel, containing a toy gorilla, by her bed. Disappointed she goes back to sleep. Later that night though, something magical happens--a real gorilla appears and takes her on a magical journey.

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No Matter What  Debi Gliori

In a hectic world where the stresses and strains of busy lives push emotions into the background and practicalities to the fore, the little things can sometimes be forgotten. While an adult can often be content with the mere assumption that those around them care and love them no matter what they do, a child often needs more reassurance. This book tackles this issue with a  wit and style The solemn hero Small asks the Really Big Questions about the nature of unconditional love.

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