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The Laughing Classroom  Diana Loomans and Karen Kolberg

We all learn more effectively when we are enjoying the process. Humor sets a social context within which most students feel comfortable and appreciate learning. Loomans and Kolberg have written the best available cornucopia of hands-on ideas for applying humor and easy-to-follow techniques for increasing the playfulness of teaching. There are warn-ups, laughing lessons, and play breaks.

The Laughing Classroom begins with self-inventories concerning personal uses of humor and extracts a laughing oath. There are 30 ideas for fast and fun humor, 25 ways to go the extra smile, and the ABCs of fun. Techniques include humorous ways to improve memory, enliven debates, and promote cooperation. The authors demonstrate how to use humor in discipline and ease tension with before and laughter scenarios.

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Best-Ever Circle Time Activities: Month-By-Month  Ellen Church

No longer do early childhood educators have to rely on the same old activities and routines during circle time. Just open the pages of this book and use one of the "best-ever" activities to add focus and fun to your group time. Did you ever think of taking group time outside? Ellen Booth Church shows you how? Ever think of having an "on your feet" circle instead of always "on your bottom?" There are tips for developing math skills, science skills, language skills, motor skills, and social skills. All in this user friendly volume. TIPS help you change and extend the activites. Keep this book with your lesson plans and add truly "instant and engaging" activities to your day.

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The Giant Encyclopedia of Circle Time and Group Activities for Children 3 to 6

Teachers from all over America shared their experiences and knowledge for the creation of this 510 page compendium . . . .The activities are learning experiences (as well as a lot of fun) and teach basic facts about air and wind, the alphabet, animals, art, beaches and oceans, bears, birds, bodies, clothes, colors, cooking, crafts, dinosaurs, emotions, the environment, the seasons, families, farms, food, friendship, games habitats, health and safety, holidays, insects, movement, other cultures, music, nature, numbers, nursery rhymes, the community, science, self-concepts, sense, shapes, sign language, special days, spiders, starting school, storytelling, transportation, the weather, the zoo, and much, much more. The materials needed for each activity are listed, and easy-to-follow instructions guarantee a successful implementation of the game, exercise, or activity for both the students and the teacher! This is also a highly recommenced resource for homeschooling and for parents and care givers to use for summertime and rainy day activities as well.

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