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Smart Moves Why Learning is not all in your Head  Carla Hannaford

Carla Hannaford outlines the neural basis of learning and educational kinesiology. In an easy-to-read style, she shows how bodily movement, emotional expression, nutrition and the social and physical environment influence learning.

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Brain Gym  Paul E. Dennison and Gail E. Dennison

This book outlines a variety of simple Brain Gym exercises, which are designed to optimally affect brain function, along with explanations about why they work.

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Move it! Physical movement and learning  Alistair Smith

A book of practical physical movements to aid learning. The proposition is that physical movement can offer reprieve, it can link to learning, it can improve motor control and it can be fun and memorable in itself. There is an increasing body of knowledge that links physical movement and learning. The book contains over 100 physical activities, all fully illustrated with clear instructions on how to develop them.

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Making the Brain Body Connection - A Playful Guide to Releasing Mental, Physical & Emotional Blocks to Success  Sharon Promislow

A clear and fun introduction to the principles of brain/body communication. The book contains many practical Brain Gym exercises which can be used both by adults and by children in the classroom.

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Learning with the Body in Mind  Eric Jensen

The scientific basis for energisers, movement, games, and physical education. This book contains over a hundred practical suggestions for indoor and outdoor games, brain boosters and energising activities.

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