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Outdoor Play in the Early Years - Management and Innovation  Helen Bilton

This book aims to stimulate and challenge practitioners to develop a truly effective teaching and learning environment. This second edition fully reflects the Foundation Stage requirements. Important changes include how to provide outdoor play in infant settings and, in particular, mixed aged classes. Other additions include a resource list, assessment sheets and a discussion on the centrality of child observation. The book has been written for all practitioners working in early years settings, those taking relevant initial teacher training education and professional development courses, as well as those pursuing vocational and diploma courses. Governing bodies and headteachers should also find this a useful text.

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Supporting Creativity and Imagination in the Early Years  Bernadette Duffy

This text draws on the author's own experience of promoting young children's creativity and imagination in a variety of settings over two decades. The settings include home and centre-based care and this book draws on the practical experience of adults living and working with children in these settings. The aim of the work is to use real life examples of young children's development and their growing competence to show the richness of their creativity and imagination.

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Just Playing? The Role and Status of Play in Early Childhood Education  Janet Moyles

Focusing on children between four and eight years old, this book examines the principles of play in early childhood education, and indicates how these principles can be put into place.

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