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Inside the Brain – revolutionary discoveries of how the mind works  Ronald Kotulak

This book contains a wealth of information about brain research and studies. The style is engaging, making it one of the most informative summaries of current research, including information about how the brain gets damaged and how the brain heals itself.

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Endangered Minds – Why Children Don’t Think – and what we can do about it  Jane M. Healy, Ph.D.

A book that often evokes strong responses from readers. Jane Healy hypothesizes that the current inability of children to concentrate can be linked to the electronic media, changes in life-styles, and the decline of literacy. Whether you reject or accept her arguments, this book is a useful text for provoking discussion and analysis of current practice.

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Failure to Connect - How computers affect our children's minds  Jane M. Healy, Ph.D.

Though most parents of school-age children believe that computers are essential to learning, Jane Healy argues that more important educational priorities are often being pushed aside in the rush to buy computers. In this text, Healy examines the benefits and drawbacks of computer use for children.

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What’s going on in there? How the brain and mind develop in the first five years of life  Lise Eliot

What's Going on in There? presents a comprehensive overview of current scientific knowledge about infant and early childhood brain development with impressive depth and clarity. Along the way, it richly demonstrates the innumerable ways in which parents can help their children develop better brains. Eliot, a neuroscientist and mother of three, starts her immensely intelligent labor of love with a richly detailed yet accessible tour of the growing embryo, guiding readers through the developing sensory, motor, emotional and cognitive systems.

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Teaching with the Brain in Mind  Eric Jensen

This book balances the research and theory of the brain with tips and techniques for using that information in classrooms. From its primer on brain biology to an in-depth discussion of emotion, memory, and recall, 'Teaching with the Brain in MInd' is an invaluable tool for any teacher looking to better reach her pupils through truly brain-compatible teaching and learning.

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The Brain's Behind It - New knowledge about the brain and learning  Alistair Smith

Alistair Smith's book is the product of three years of research. If you want to know more about the brain and learning, this is the book you need. With separate sections on the development cycle of the learning brain from conception to old age, the book sets out to separate fact from fallacy, findings from fads. Clear guidance is given as to what helps and what hinders learning. Highly readable, illustrated throughout and well researched, the book should appeal to parents, educators and policy-makers.

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